The teachers, who taught truth, courage, love
We can say it about great and splendid teachers, who died between 1989 and 2002. We write these people’s names next to those of merit. They died but we will never forget them and we dedicate them these words:
“This life, this work doesn’t leave shade,
but it always casts light.”
J. Iwaszkiewicz

MA. Ryszard Skrzyszowski

He worked as a teacher from 1 September 1956 to 27 November 1989 at secondary school in Przeworsk. His lessons were always very interesting, which resulted in many successes of his students. When he had time, he had additional lessons. Students, who took part in those lessons, could take part in many competitions and many of them won. He was liked by the students, parents and teachers. He got many rewards for his work. He died unexpectedly on 27 November 1989.


Priest MA. Antoni Wawrzyszko
He was born in 12 October 1928 in Munina. He learned in Jaroslaw (lower secondary school, from 1945 to 1948) and Przemysl (1948-1950). From 1950 to 1956 he learned in the seminary in Przemysl. He received the ordination on 10 May 1956 in Przemysl. His first job was in Jesienica Rosielna (to 24 February 1958). Then he was a curate in Kanczuga (to 31 July 1961). Next, he worked in Sanok (to 30 September 1964) and Kosina (to 01 August 1966). During the next 27 years, he worked as a teacher of religious education in Przeworsk. He was benign, kind, nice and gentle. He tried to talk to all the students and if they had any problems – he solved them. He died on 23 July 1993.

barnat.jpgMA. Maria Barnat 

She worked at our school for 37 years (from 15 August 1954 to 31 August 1991). She retired on 1 September 1991. However, she did not stop cooperating with the school. She could make the students become interested in Mathematics. She tried to teach students respect for other people. She taught reliability, conscientiousness, love and respect for people. She set a good example for the teachers and students. She was a good person, full of love and kindness. She put her heart and soul into “repairing” students’ characters. Her students living all over the world know, that it was she, who showed them the beauty of the world and the most important values. She died unexpectedly on 23 November 2002.