Our school has its tradition, ceremonial and customs. We celebrate national and local holidays.
The admission of new students is called “otrzęsiny”. We organize a disco for the new members of our school.
Every year we celebrate Święto Edukacji Narodowej (National Education Holiday). We express our thanks to our teachers, form tutors and all people who work at school to educate young people.

We meet before Christmas in our classrooms and we sing Christmas carols.

We organize grand balls one hundred days before the Matura exam every year.

Sending letters of commendation to pre-secondary school has become a tradition in our school. We send these letters to the headmasters of pre-secondary schools to congratulate them on good preparation of their students for secondary education.

Every year on 4th March we celebrate the coronation of our school’s patron – king Władysław Jagiełło. On the occasion of the coronation we award people, who helped our school. They receive the title of a “School’s Friend”.

Very good students are officially called “exemplary”.

We also have a tradition of saying goodbye to school leavers. For this reason, there is a ceremony where statues of our patron are given.

We celebrate two other days. The first one is on 5th May when the Polish Constitution was ratified and on 11th November when Poland regained the independence. These days are very important for us because they develop our national awareness.

School leavers go on a pilgrimage to Jasna Góra ( the biggest centre of Christian religion cult).

In our school “a lucky number” is chosen every day. A person who has this number in the register do not have to take tests and teachers cannot assess his/ her knowledge on this day.

Meetings of graduates are organized every 5th year. The last meeting took place in 1999/2000 and it was the 5th jubilee.