The school is based in Przeworsk – an administrative district in Podkarpacie Province, in two joined buildings which are located on the slope, over the old riverbed of the Mleczka River, near the Basilica of Przeworsk.

The older building is a historical structure. At the beginning, it functioned as a Primary School no. 1. and in 1963 it was placed at High School disposal.
The other building is a new one and it was built at the beginning of the 1990s. A big sports hall with some auxiliary rooms is included in it. The school is surrounded by a spacious courtyard .

There are 22 well-equipped classrooms, 2 new computer labs (10 and 15 seats) and a school multimedia centre in both buildings.
There are also classrooms, a computer lab and a social room for pupils of lower secondary school for the mentally handicapped located at the cosy attic. There is also a pedagogue’s office. The inside of the school is very neat and tidy and arranged for the students’ sake.

The students take care of the artistic side of the school.

The classrooms are very spacious and create excellent conditions for studying. They don’t lack greenery, teaching aids or the sense of humour. It is the students themselves who take care of the appearance of the school and that’s why it is colourful, ingeniously designed and creates congenial atmosphere for learning.

We are also in the possession of a modernised and well-stocked library.

There is also a small shop run by the students in which everybody will have a bite to eat.

Having in mind difficult working conditions of Polish education, the students commited that fact to memory and devoted some suitable places at school to the teachers who put their personal freedom at risk while educating the youth. Among these people there were: Janina Różbicka, Jan Ćwierz and Leon Trybalski.
The corner devoted to the patron of our school – King Wladyslaw Jagiello – is very worth seeing.