The school was founded in the school year 1911-1912 with the substantial help of the parents. It was officially opened on 21st February, 1912. The local community committed themselves to provide the school with suitable rooms, teaching aids and salary for the headmaster and the staff and other ways of financial help. Since then, the school has had a great impact on the educational development of the town and its vicinity. During the First World War the school was suspended but in 1920 it was re-established. The first Matura exam (the final High School exam in Poland) took place in the school year 1925-1926. A very important fact in the school’s history is its secret teaching which began to be organised in 1939.

In the first days after the liberation, in September, 1944, our educational institution initiated the inauguration of the school year. 1946 was a crucial year because then the school was nationalised.

Our school is the oldest educational institution in the town and in 1970 it received a standard founded by a parent teacher association. It was the second standard. The first one was created in 1933. Unfortunately, during the Second World War, it disappeared. We do not know what happened with it.

The school used to be situated in a different street. In 1963 a present building was built in Szkolna Street. However, it was too small for a growing number of students. In 1992 a new part of the school was built and also a gym. Those changes happened when Kazimierz Karp was a headmaster.

Nowadays many things have been improved and modernized thanks to a new headmistress  Mrs Krystyna Ścisłowicz. The modernization of the school is possible thanks to the sponsors and subsidies provided by the local government. Now, people in wheelchairs can move freely around the school.

Next year, students and teachers will be able to have meals in a school canteen. Moreover, the headmaster is planning to build some sports fields. We hope that everything will go fine, according to the plan.